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Valley Kotelní jámy

The state protected area formed by glacier. This area includes two valleys on south and south-east slopes of mountain Kotel (Little Kotelní jáma and Big Kotelní jáma). Both of valleys are separated by small rocky ridge named Liščí. A lot of rare plants growth there. The enter to reservation is sufferable only on tourist ways. Along the valleys goes the tourist way from chalet Dvoračky to Horní Mísečky, but it is closed in winter on account of avalanches. In both of valleys are typical avalanchelike slopes.
Holes Kotelní jámyHoles Kotelní jámy
Holes Kotelní jámy
Malá Kotelní jámaMalá Kotelní jáma
Small Kotelní jáma
Kotel from Zlaté návršíKotel from Zlaté návrší
Sight of Kotelní jámy from Zlaté návrší